Mac & PC Wireless Terms and Conditions

Thank You for preferring Mac & PC Wireless Repair Shop, as your Repair Center and Tech Provider. In this section we will display our Terms and Conditions, we suggest to our beloved customers to read this important information for a better understanding about our services and our mutual commitment, this includes mandatory arbitration in any case of dispute, as an alternate solution, instead of any class of actions or jury trials. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you will become bound by these Provisions and our policies as well.

Our Mutual Agreement

The following Terms and Conditions are a mutual commitment between you as our valuable customer and US, being “US” the complete Staff, even the store itself, of Mac and Pc Wireless Solutions Center, these includes our Customer Services Agents, Our Technicians, and our CEO.

How do I agree these Terms and Conditions?

You accept these Terms and Conditions by doing any of the following procedures:

-Giving Us a Written or electronic signature or confirmation, or accepting orally.

-Using or Paying our Services

-Paying for a Device you purchase from Us

-Unboxing the Device, we Provided

If you don’t want to accept these Terms and Conditions, please avoid doing any of these actions forementioned.

Once you accept, you´re telling us that you are of legal age, meaning that you are at least the age of majority in your state, province or area of residence. And that you can be either legally emancipated or that you´re able to enter in contract.

In any case of accepting in the Name of an Organization, Company, Corporation, Enterprise, Medium or Small Business, you´re telling Us that you’re authorized to represent and to bind that Legal Entity, meaning that it will reference to ¨you¨ (under this Terms and Conditions) as the Organization, Or Business Entity (of any type)

This Terms & Conditions Includes:

• Any Service that Mac & PC Wireless has/is/will be provided to you
• Any equipment (accessory or device) we provide to you (Purchase)
• Any Equipment for which we provide a service to you
• Any charges, taxes, fees, and any other amount we bill you or that was/is/will be either accepted or processed through the Service or Device we provide to you.
• Privacy Information
• Limitations of Liability
• Resolution of disputes, alternate solutions, arbitrations and jury trial waivers.
• Delivery Liability Limitations
• Web Sales and Offers in Services and Products

Additional Terms and Conditions that apply to our customers

Each year, we provide different Special Offers to our new and existing customers. Each promotion is bound to a certain period of time determined by its own Terms and Conditions. Knowing this, every time you provide approval of the diagnosis service or the reparation service by signing, accepting virtually our verbally the agreement presented by document (written or read if needed) you are agreeing to the circumspections of that special limited time offer.

This procedure also applies for general offers (meaning not the special ones) in which the Customers and the Mac & PC Wireless dealing in real time follow our service steps, explained in these Terms and Conditions.

Also, the products you purchase with Us (accessories, devices, refurbished, etc.) are included in our steps, they are bound to their own Warranty and Conditions, and policies as well.

How to resolve disputes between Me and Mac & PC Wireless if needed?

By accepting the following Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to resolve any dispute with us through binding arbitration (licensing DCA) or small claims dispute procedures (unless you opt out), and to waive your rights to a jury trial
and to participate in any class action suit. For additional terms and conditions legal dispute between us, including how to dispute Charges assessed to you on your bill, choice of law, disclaimers of certain warranties, limitations of liabilities, and your indemnification obligations, see “Other Terms Regarding Dispute Resolution” below. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration. YOU AND WE EACH AGREE THAT, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED BELOW, ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR DISPUTES IN ANY WAY RELATED TO, OR CONCERNING THE AGREEMENT, OUR
1-718-801-8172 or email us at Any
opt-out received after the Opt Out Deadline will not be valid and you will be required to pursue your claim in arbitration or small claims court.

Mac & PC Wireless Terms & Conditions require you to give Mac & PC Wireless an opportunity to resolve all disputes before filing a claim in court or in arbitration. See Terms and Conditions (included Device or Service provided, available at for more information and for how to contact Mac & PC Wireless to resolve your dispute. If you are unable to resolve a dispute with Mac & PC Wireless and you wish to assert a legal claim, the Terms & Conditions require that your claim will be resolved in arbitration or in small claims court — unless you opted out of arbitration. Mac & PC Wireless Customers may opt out of arbitration within 30 days from the date of purchase of a Device or Repair Service. In order to opt out of arbitration you must either complete the opt out form on this website or call 1 718-801-8172 and provide the information requested. If more than 30 days has passed since you purchase a Device from Us or you got your device Repaired from Our Service, you are not eligible to opt out of arbitration, and any opt out you submit will not be valid.

These steps are the different procedures We (Mac & PC Wireless Staff) and You (Our beloved Customer) follow to determine the best solution for you. This solution could be either the purchase of one of products we provide from third party companies or that we ensemble, a diagnostic of your device, or repair service for your device. These steps are followed in order; however, the steps of Diagnostic Service and Repair Service is up to every customer need, meaning that those steps forementioned can be decided to be taken or not, but must be known that there are some conditions that follow these steps and they are necessary to proceed if you need to continue with the service.

Quick Evaluation

A free evaluation is made by any of our tech representatives. This evaluation consists in the superficial checking of the device, depending in the problem descriptions provided by our customers and if the problem is superficially noticeable. In this first step our Tech Representatives are in the need the presence of the customer and the device in question, this will determine if the next step (Diagnostic Service) is needed.

This first step is completely Free of charge, since it will determine only the best solution and offer that can be convenient for our customers. If you need just an evaluation you can call to our phone number: (718) 550-1602 or (718) 802-8172. Also, you can visit us in Ridgewood, please the information of our Store Address, also, you can book an appointment.

Please be aware that evaluation rarely happens, meaning that a solution based on superficial information is rare to happen since all the devices may have deep inner problems and to provide a better service and warrantee that the device won’t fail, it’s our duty to inform, educate, and warn the customer about a possible Diagnostic Service, that may be needed.

Diagnostic Service

This is step has a minimum cost USD $30.00 fee. This step can be taken by the customer, meaning that is under our customer’s decision to take the diagnosis or not, but must be aware that our Mac & PC Wireless Technicians must check the State of the device deep inside, depending of the issue that is producing, so we provide complete information of the causes that may be the source of the problem and an estimated cost of the reparation, replacement, or any other service that your device might need to work properly or in optimal conditions. In virtue of the previously fact, our specialists and experts must check the device from inside, recreate the issue and observe the problem by themselves, once the diagnostic is done, our Customer Service Representatives will present to the customer the device and they can instruct, in real time, all the specifications of the device’s issues and their causes.

Our customers must be aware that this procedure is under a contract accepting this terms and conditions, and that with that we also provide our warranty explained below this Terms and Conditions. If this Step (Diagnosis) is not taken, or accepted, there will be no charge, or further evaluation of the device, nor further steps, since this is need to acknowledge where and how the maintenance is needed.

If customer accepts the terms and conditions of this step, we (Mac & PC Wireless Team) and our beloved customer, asking for the service, will be under contract meaning that there will be $30.00 fee (Free of TAX) and that during this procedure, our technicians will only check device from inside and provide then, an estimate. No further actions will be taken in this step.

Please be informed that if Diagnostic Service is needed but customer doesn’t accept to take the service, we won’t be able to provide any information of the condition of the device, or the problems that it may have, please be informed that this is because to let our customer know what is happening to the device, we must check inside using our high-tech tools and procedures.

Main Service

Once the diagnostic made and estimate is provided, this step will be next one under our beloved customers’ decision. Meaning that our customer can choose whether to get this service or not.

If customers accept any of our Main Services (Repair, Optimization, Data Recovery, Maintenance), we will provide a contract in which the certain Terms, Conditions, and Warranties will be applied to this Step.

Please, be informed that we have different Payment Methods, advising the customer that they can pay in full price once the service is done or by getting one of our payment plans that our representatives may provide to you.

Our technicians will provide you the time lapse that may take the procedure. Every customer must provide contact information, and create an account in our web page so we can update them about their device under reparation.

Test of the Device and Final Invoicing

This is our last step, but not least important, since we inform to our customers about the repair and maintenance warranty, they have with us (Mac & PC Wireless Staff) Furthermore, any of our technicians run a test of the device involving the participation of our customers in the moment we give back the repaired device.

in this step we received the complete amount of the payment, for the main service solicited and provided, also, we perform the final invoicing, that comes with warranties and conditions. Be aware that if the customer asks for any of our payment plans that steps may change in the way they proceed meaning that the order and the how it performs will vary depending in the plan you get and the technicians and customer service representatives will be in charge to give you all the information about the plans of payment you can get, we inform that the company taking the liability for the charges in the plan or collections proceed (if needed) will be Square.

Our customers and our Mac & PC Wireless Staff members can maintain communication if needed.

Something Good to Know

We provide to -our customers- a time period of a repair and maintenance warranty, this time period will be determined by the device or product provided, some of the devices are refurbished ones, and some are new, we give the options to our customer depending on the information of the needs and requirements asked by the customer.

We warrant the Product against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of original retail purchase. During this warranty period, if a defect/problem arises in the Product, and you report the problem to us about the Product, we will, at your option, to the extent permitted by law, either repair the Product using either new or refurbished parts that you pay for, or offer some value of store credit that we deem reasonable based on the circumstances.

This limited warranty applies, to the extent permitted by law, to any repair, replacement part or replacement device for the remainder of the original warranty period or for ninety days, whichever period is longer. All replaced parts and Product for which a refund is given shall become our property. This limited warranty applies only to hardware components of the Product that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other external causes, alterations, repair, or commercial use.