Mac & PC Wireless Policies

Store Policies

The following Policies concern to our Customers and the members of our business (Customer Serivce agents, in person and by networks, technicians, and our CEO) these policies help us to maintain balance in our business. Our customers, employees, business alliances, our store system, and CEO maintain business affairs that work together not only with our Terms & Conditions but with New York Licenses of Business Administration Affairs as well. It is imperative to underline the fact of our Policy System developing the inner Business Affairs to our customers and employees, with meticulous procedure to be able to create and maintain a good environment in our store and business comunications.

We mention and conceptualize “Us” as the complete staff members, employees and CEO of the store Mac & PC Wireless, the Installations of  Our Store and the Different Network Sites (such as Oficial Web Site, Social Networks and alternate communication or Tele communication platforms) will be part of that Term too. In that sense, Our Customers and “US” must be well aware of the information below since Customers and “Us” are the main characters in the agreement of a service or the obtention of a product (Purchase or/and lease) by accepting these policies We (Customers and “Us”) are accepting The Mac & PC Wireless Terms and conditions in the same time as well, which will be involved inside the store or during the dealing process either in our Official Web Sites (, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google Business Accounts) By Phone using our official phone Numbers (718) 550-1602 or in the Store; this with any of our representatives: technicians, Customer service Representatives, Managers or CEO.

We summarize the different policies down below for a better understanding.

No Refunds Warranty & No Refunds Providing

Mac & PC Wireless doesn’t and shall/will not provide any warranty of Refund, we (Entire Members of Mac & PC Wireless) provide a Repair Warranty Instead.

Every Technician works with high tech tools and procedures to help the customers with the device/devices entrusted, even when running diagnostic.

Mac & PC Wireless, Shall/Will not proceed to repair any device/devices unless the customer our customers provides/provide approval.

All the information found during the Diagnostic Service will be not only about the conditions of the device/devices, but possible options that customer has as well, furthermore the main cause/causes of the device’s problem.

We provide to our customer all the information of the Diagnostic Service, the amount to pay for the repair/replacement/optimization/recovery, and we also include the estimated time for the procedure needed.

The Time and the price for any replacement of any part for the device will depend of availability, season, emergency time period, time and type of customer’s request and miscellaneous inconveniences that Mac & PC Wireless may face.

Our Technicians work the best they can to provide the diagnostic, for that reason, Mac & PC Wireless reserves its right to do not make refunds about diagnostic.

To Dispute any issue, problem, inconvenience, anomaly from “Us” and the service/ services requested and/or provided please follow our suggested and mandatory Dispute Resolutions Procedures, we suggest to visit our Terms and Conditions Section for more information.

The Price of the Repair parts is under the control of third-party dealers. We -as Mac & PC Wireless- work the best to make an agreement so we can help better to our customers, furthermore, the price and the time expected depends on the availability, the demand, the origin of year or model of that specific part or parts. In that sense, Mac & PC Wireless reserves the right to dispute the price and time of the part to be replaced, and the time of the repair as well, instead we give the customer a repair warranty and different options to resolve any inconvenience.

Please Note that:

The parts that are replaced, are checked first, and tested to be able to perform perfectly at the moment to be assembled to our customer’s device/devices, each part has an specific code, which means that at the moment to claim to the dealer it will be easier for Mac&PC Wireless Tech to provide our customers a better solution, please notice that if after the Repair Service provided to our customer (For the first time, or under frequent service, or during warranty time) we will make diagnostic, this one will not be charge if the device is still under our warranty period, before or after, customer must pay the $30.00 of Diagnostic Service Fee when needed. Furthermore, if customer has changed the part or solicited a part that is not coming from any of our certified dealers, we will not be responsible for any failure in the device/devices’ performance provoked by that part that was not coming from us or our certified dealers, since it is/was responsibility of each customers’ dealers who provided the wrong/malfunctioning/unproper part to the device and if our customer asked another repair store assistance previous/during/after Mac&PC Wireless representatives, technicians or evaluators assistance, we will not be responsible for that type of those third parties service/services and it will not be disputed, and Mac&PC Wireless will reserve the right to charge the amount needed depending on the situation of the device, likewise the right to search extra solutions. Please notice that we proceed with High tech tools to always evaluate the device conditions and it will always generate the information about the device.

MacKBees Tech won’t refund (any damage or price of the Repaired Parts) that customer performed to any part replaced to the device repaired or the device itself, once we have finished our work, tested the device and give it to the customer, and it’s not under the possession of the Technicians or Customer Service Representatives work; the device and its parts will be under the customer liability, meaning it won’t be refunded and we reserve our right to do not discuss, dispute and/or make an agreement about this scenario.

No Liability in Abandoned Devices.

The Store, the Staff members, The Representatives in Customer Service, our technicians, Even or CEO won’t be responsible for any abandoned Device or any Object left in the Store.

We (The Complete Staff of the Business, including or CEO) work the best we can to inform our customers about the Device/Devices they leave for Diagnostic, or a Repair, even Some Devices that were Pre-Order from Us.

In the case of the device/devices customers leave to check the status or problems of the device/devices and after the diagnostic service, we inform the customer how to proceed next (for repair) and the cost, then we just wait for Approval or Denial (Cancellation) in any case, customer must visit us either to take the device that will not be repaired or to pay once the customer has accepted agreements with Technicians and must come to our store for the evaluation of the device and take it back (once it’s paid)

In the Case of the Pre-Order of a Device/Devices, customers must come to pay in full and check the performance of the device solicited, so we can help him to see how it works and explain our warranty maintenance.

If the customer or customers that solicited any of the services or order a product as it was previously mentioned, and hasn’t come for the device, we will be able to send Reminders by email/or text messages or call to the customer directly to remind the customer of the Device Pick Up.

Please Note:

In this sense, if there’s no answer from customer/customers, no customer/customers device pick up action (with payment, in the case payment is involved as well) or solicited extra time, we can provide 1 moth warranty and we will maintain the device safe and sound, after that period the next month, the device/devices are classified as abandoned, Mac&PC Wireless (the complete Staff Members included) must take this as an abandoned item and it will cost a charge of $5.00 each day to keep the device safe and sound during a time of 2 months (Storage Regulation) meaning since the second month the device/devices was/were left till the end of the third month the device/devices was/were left, This is called the two months of storage service. But starting the 4th month after the Device was left, there will be no counter of charges anymore, after leaving the device/devices and not getting answers about the Pick Up of the device/devices, staring the fourth month the device/devices will become a Complete Abandoned Device, in that precise moment Mac&PC Wireless (Store, Staff Members, Technicians, Customer Service, CEO, or any part of the business) Shall not be, won’t be responsible for the device repaired, diagnosed, or order made, in any or the information within, the parts, or the whole device itself. We Shall not bring interest on the device, its parts or information, Mac&PC Wireless reserves the right to Dispute Later for the Return of the Device/Devices, the information within, the parts, or anything related to that Specific Device/Devices and we will reserve the right of its possession, since we must manage the space of the store, and this will be for security purposes and to maintain the optimization of the Store itself, and to recover what was not paid for the service/services provided and parts replaced. IN THIS SENSE, WE WON’T HAVE LIABILITY OF THOSE ABANDONED DEVICES/DEVICE.

This same period of months and rules of charges and status will apply for any abandoned item in general.

Schedule Right Reserved

We Reserve our right to assist our customer/Customers in our official Customer Service Time, that can be found in our Web Site or Official Social Network Accounts.