Mac & PC Wireless offers repair, replacement, and refurbishment services for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and tablets of all kinds. We have an outstanding rating on Yelp and Google and a prime location in Ridgewood, Queens. Click on Get Repair to submit a ticket and get a quote!*


*Some quotes are most accurate when brought in person so a physical check can be made.



We repair all types of tech devices with software or hardware issues, including virus sweeps and fixes, repairing broken parts, and assisting with any hardware questions.



Before doing any replacement work, we run full diagnostic tests on both software and hardware and offer options for replacing parts that could or should be replaced, as well as full installation services.


Find your computer running slow? We can sell you a refurbished computer with good specs for whatever type of use you have. Come in with your old, and leave with new!


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